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The opportunity to save money or stay for free with Azzurro club Vacanza have no limits!

It is with pleasure that we are introducing the new fidelity program, reserved only to Azzurro Club Sponsor.

Becoming our Sponsor you could get extra bonus to discount on your next stay.
This credit could also be combined with every offer and last minute, so will be entirely discounted on total cost of your stay, also if you have reserved a last minute.



Just invite your friends to subscribe themselves to Azzurro Club Vacanze Fidelity Program, in easy and fast way obtaining €50 as welcome credit.

For each new registered customer thanks to your sponsorship, you will receive an amount of €50 on your personal profile, discountable on your next stay.

How make a sponsorship and obtain credit immediately

It is necessary you are already registered to fidelity program, if you are not registered yet, sign in immediately also if you have not make already any stay with us!

If you are not registered yet, please fill out form al the bottom and you quickly receive email with credentials and also a first credit of €50 to use for drinks and snacks during first stay. After registration, thank you of your user code received by mail, you can start partnership with Azzurro Club accumulating extra credit to discount on total of your next stay.

If you are already registered user, you have two way to become Azzurro Club Sponsor:

1.Send to your friends link of the page you can find by clicking here and invite them to follow registration procedure.
It is important you provide him your User code that he will have to sign in this special field.

2. Alternatively you can make registration directly always using the same form, making sure to fill in all fields and in particular name, last name and email address of the person introduced.
To get the bonus credited to your profile remember always to enter your user code in the special field.

If you are a registered user and you have forgotten your user code, you can retrieve it immediately by clicking here 

We also inform you that is available the web customer area from which you can monitor the status of all your credits, your stays and more.
Pending the release of this area, to know all the movements and the balance of your credit.

Limits for the deduction of credit:

The credit accrued for every new person introduced, will become discountable when the new customer has confirmed his first stay in Azzurro Club Vacanze Hotels. To further validate the credit, the new customer must be the holder of his first booking confirmation.

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